Common courtesies for all players

This post is for all captains and players of the league.

Please show up early so you can have your sheets ready for the other team.
If the other team is there early and you get your sheets done early then you could start playing games early which means you are done earlier.
Make sure you keep track of your players, if a player is up soon make sure they are near your area and not smoking. If they need to smoke they can go out after their game.

We are playing in various bars in the city and we are not being charged to use their tables.
With that being said please support the bars by buying something, even if it’s a pop or a alcoholic drink as it only helps the bars. All the bars could charge us to play pool there which would cost a lot more then buying a drink.
No outside drinks allowed in any bars.
If you are up soon to play please do not go outside for a smoke, the captains then have to try and find you and it wastes more time. Especially at Raxx where we are on a time constraint. If you need a smoke go out after your game.

We are a fun league and all the bars allow us to play for free there, so please just show the bars some respect and decency.