Updates for the league

Just wanted to give a few updates on the league.

With COVID still being around if you are not feeling good please let your captain know and do not come to pool. If multiple people end up sick on a team with COVID or anything please contact the other captain to cancel the game. When this happens it will end up a tie for both teams as it is to hard to make up a game. Everyone needs to understand that we are here for fun and if people are sick or have COVID we are trying to protect other people by cancelling games. If people have an issue with a game getting cancelled then maybe this league is not for them.

If a game gets cancelled please let us know by contacting us through the website so we can put the teams down as a tie.

With COVID cases on the rise the following suggestions are being made:

  1. Although not mandated if you are concerned you can wear a mask to game nights.
  2. Have your own personal bottle of hand sanitizer.
  3. No shaking of hands (Which we have stated previously as a new rule)
  4. If you are not feeling good (i.e: any symptoms associated with COVID) to stay home and let your captain know.

Also starting today if there are any issues where you need to contact the executive then you need to start by contacting us through the website. If you message a member of the executive directly it will be ignored. Every email that comes in with a concern or issue will be directed to the proper people. The executive is doing the best that we can and people always messaging us directly makes it difficult and sometimes makes things worse.