Captains/Players attitudes and issues

We have had a few instances this year between captains and players where they were treated very poorly.
We are a fun league and it’s a night for everyone to get out to enjoy it.
Everyone needs to treat every player and captain with respect and courtesy.
If we find out any player or captain is treating anyone poorly or harassing anyone, the executive has the right to ban the player/captain from the league. We will not tolerate any harassing or bullying from anyone. If someone feels like they are being harassed or bullied or treated unfairly please walk away from the situation and send an email to the website detailing everything and the executive will look into the situation.
We are all adults and we should all be acting like adults in this league.

All team captains should know the rules of the league, especially the captains that have been around for a while. If you are not familiar with the rules please read them. If a player on a team wants to read the rules then they just need to ask their captain to look at the rule sheet. Each captain has a copy of the rules and they are also posted on the website. Any disputes should be resolved between the captains, if they cannot be resolved (i.e: including the score) then DO NOT sign the score sheet and email into the website.