A former pool player is in need

I know with Christmas around the corner money is tight for most people. One of our former league players is in need of help.

David Tessier was a member in our fun league for years. He was always a joy to play against and whenever you played against him you would always end up with a smile on your face even if you lost.
Unfortunately he is battling a disease that doesn’t care who you are or how old you are it will always try and win. A go fund me was created to try and help raise money so they can afford this next treatment.
I have included an excerpt from the Go Fund me page explaining it a little more. I will also include the go fund me link for anyone that has a few extra dollars they can afford.

“Dave has tried every clinical trial available to him and currently the only option we have is to self-fund a treatment. Although this option is overwhelming, we’re grateful to have it. He has a fantastic oncologist who specializes in sarcoma and is extremely knowledgeable. The drug combination he’s recommending is one we feel confident about and it’s giving us hope again. However, it comes with a very large price tag. One of the drugs costs $6,000 per dose and the other is $12,000 per dose. Based on the proposed treatment schedule a year of treatment will cost $150,000 – and that’s just the cost of the drugs, not travel or other related expenses. This treatment is not funded by the government or our other health plans.”

So if you can spare any change at all, it would go to helping a great man, father, husband try and battle this stupid disease.

Here is the link:


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