A few notes and a thanks

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to say thanks for a fun year and a fun year end tournament. I heard back from the Food Bank and we donated a total of $305 dollars and they haven’t picked up the bin. The last time they saw the bin it was almost full on Saturday. That is over 120lbs of food. I’d like to say Thank you to all that donated as there are many families and individuals in need and that will help them greatly.
As it was mentioned at the Year End Tournament, any rule changes or nominations you want to make can be submitted through the website and they will be brought up to the league meeting in August.
All teams returning or new must be submitted with confirmation by August 1st.

Lastly I’d like to post a note that Jackie had sent in through the website.
I want to thank Sarah and Shawn Fournier for going above and beyond to make our end of the year tournament a success, Lisa Holler for being our league Shopper and seeking donation basket .Sarah and Shannon Godfrey for donation for raffle .Rob for his help in communication .The many others who offered their assistance You are amazing .With the unexpected death of our beloved president Bill Watson this event could have not happened without a lot of help .Thank you all so much . Moving forward we will need an executive with heart and soul so think what is best for league .Have a safe and happy summer.
Jackie Boudreau

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  1. Proposed rule changes from Rob LANTEIGNE from Overtime ball breakers
    I would like to see the Rule for eight ball going in clean changed whether you go off an opponents ball or a double kiss should be considered a win for the simple fact that it takes out any argument of a double kiss.
    also when shooting your object ball and you mess it should be ball in hand to your opponent it for example if I am shooting solids and I miss all of my balls it should be considered a scratch and ball in hand it will speed up the game.

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