Code of Conduct:

Based on the idea that the league is here for all players to enjoy, respect for others is paramount. We all agree to the following code of conduct:

  1. Each team and player must show respect for all, including the opposition, your own teammates, and other patrons of the establishment you are in.
  2. Physical or Verbal threats will not be tolerated, nor will any type of bullying or harassing behaviour.
  3. Foul and abusive language towards others will not be tolerated.
  4. Each player must be respectful of the bar they are playing in. Behaviour such as kicking doors, throwing cues, or other rude and obnoxious actions will not be tolerated.
  5. Captains are expected to try and resolve issues within their own teams.
  6. If an offence is serious enough, and a person is wishing to bring the complaint to the Executive Committee, then a written complaint must be completed, signed and dated, explaining the purpose of the complaint. All written complaints can be handed to any member of the Executive Committee. Actions could include a warning, being asked to leave the league immediately, or if serious enough possible police involvement.


    if it is a rule debate, tell the people involved what the rule is and its meaning.
    If it is a severe offence, call an emergency executive meeting to contemplate expulsion from the league.
    If it is an illegal offence, call police if not already done so by others.
    Players are to refrain from approaching Executive members regarding a dispute. Please speak to your Captain, and he/she will settle the dispute, or bring it to the attention of an Executive member if required.
  7. Players are to refrain from approaching Executive members regarding a dispute. Please speak to your Captain, and he/she will settle the dispute, or bring it to the attention of an Executive member if required.

Settling Disputes:

  1. When there is a dispute over a game or shot, it is up to the two players to discuss it first. If they cannot resolve the issue, then the Captains are called in. At that point if no one agrees, then replay of the game will happen.
  2. No other players are to become involved in these disputes and are requested to stay back from the table and refrain from adding comments.

General Rules:

Start time is 7:00pm. The cost is $30.00 per team, per night regardless of the number of players. When a team is in need of forfeiting, the $30.00 is still to be paid. No exceptions, other than a bye night if applicable.

  1. Each team has six (6) players per set. Each set must include at least one of each gender, and cannot have all of one gender per set. If a team does not have at least one of each gender for each set you will lose one point per set.
  2. Teams can play with five players. Players should notify the team as soon as possible if they cannot make it so your Captain can find another player. A person can sub for different teams or can be anyone hanging around (during regular season). If no player is found, the team will lose six (6) points.
  3. No new games are to start after 10pm for Raxx and 10:45pm for all other bars. The remaining points will be divided up between the two teams. If there is an odd number, for instance 7 games, the extra point will go to the team that is leading. If the teams are tied, flip a coin and the winner gets the extra point.
  4. No catch up games after 8:00pm. When the person does arrive they can play the game they would be next eligible to play.
  5. No masse or jump shots.
  6. If a team cannot field a team continuously, the executive has the right to dissolve a team.
  7. No handshakes before or after games due to COVID.



  1. If a team forfeits, and is choosing not to find enough players to play that nights’ game, 19 points will be awarded to the team that shows up with at least 5 players as of 8:00pm.
  2. If both teams show up with 4 players or less, the teams can either choose to:
    1. Makeup the game on their own time, however any fees charged to play would be up to the teams to pay.
    2. Both teams can also choose to take 0 points for that game.
  3. If a team does not have at least 1 member of each gender, then the team must forfeit.

Game Sheets:

  1. At the end of the night both captains, have to agree on the score. This will be ensured by both captains signing the home captains’ sheet.
    1. If there is any debate over the score, do not sign the game sheet. Score sheets must be submitted to the webmaster for review within 1 week, and if needed brought to the Executive Committee for further review.
    2. If a team cannot produce a score sheet, then the score that was submitted stands.
  2. All team sheets may be required to be handed in prior to the General Meeting.

Registered Players:

  1. Teams must have between 6 and 9 registered players before playoffs. Please submit your team list to the executive at the beginning of the season and before playoffs.
  2. To be a registered player, player must have played 6 nights of pool during the regular season.
  3. Only registered players are eligible to play during the playoff season. Exception to this rule would be if a player cannot play due to medical reasons, and the executives have approved.


There are two types of meetings.

  • Executive:

Executive meetings can be called up anytime by anyone on the executive to discuss any matters that may come up, or items that need to be discussed which need the whole executive to be present.

  • General:

The general meeting will take place between the end of regular season and the start of playoffs, typically this meeting is held at the tournament which is between the season end and the playoff start.

  • To attend the general meeting, one must be a registered player.
  • General meeting is where all registered players can voice their concerns, vote in a new executive committee, and vote on any new changes to rules in constitution or play rules.
  • All votes must be in majority rule (51% of players in attendance). If executive is tied, captains will be called in to break the tie.

Executive Jobs:

All positions can be split or have a committee below them, but only one vote per spot (meaning only 4 votes on the executive for 4 spots)


  • Is the voice for public relations (media, advertisements, donations) for the league.
  • Must know what all executive members are doing with their own job tasks.
  • Must know how much money is in the league account at all times.
  • General business of the league.
  • Receive and collect all money from each team on a regular basis and deposit into the leagues account.
  • Be familiar with the rules, and interpret them when needed to players

Vice President:

  • Will assume all duties of the president when absent
  • Must know what president is doing with the league.
  • Receive and collect money from teams on a regular basis and deposit into the leagues account.
  • Help president divide up money to teams and donations at the end of the year.
  • Be familiar with the rules, and interpret them when needed to players.


  • Put together regular season schedule, as well as playoff schedule and give to Webmaster to ensure it is uploaded to the website.
  • Be familiar with the rules, and interpret them when needed to players.


  • Ensures schedule is put up on the website for both regular season and playoffs.
  • Keep track of scores that are submitted from each captain, and ensure it is uploaded onto the website.
  • Must have knowledge of running the site.
  • Update website with information pertaining to league, such as tournaments, important information, donations or inclement weather notice.
  • Be familiar with the rules, and interpet them when needed to players.


Donations (irrevocable):

10% of collected league money will be donated to local charities, details of where can be found on the website.
50% of 50/50 draws will be donated towards the local charities, the other half goes to the winner.
In lieu of flowers, a cash gift equal in value can be made to a league member, in case of illness or death in immediate family.
$100.00 per year to shut in dinner.


Please Note: The rules we play by are ones that were developed for this league. Other leagues play by different ones. They do not apply to this league.

Courtesy Rules:

  1. When done playing a game, one member of each team will be designated to put balls back on the table and rack them.
  2. Try to stay at least 2 feet from the table and not move around the targeted pocket.
  3. No degrading remarks about a players shot or their ability as we have all different skill levels. We would like people to go home after an enjoyable night regardless of outcome. No negative remarks.
  4. No one is to be interrupted during their game.
  5. Players may ask a team member for advice only ONCE per game.
  6. Players must break in order to play. If you are unable to break, then you are unable to play.
  7. No handshakes before or after the game due to COVID.
  8. For anyone playing at Raxx, each team is allowed one table.  So combined there will only be two tables between two teams.
  9. Captains are responsible for bringing the money to the President or the Vice President. The schedules show where they are playing each week. Alternate arrangements must be made through the President or Vice President. Failure to ensure money is given to President or Vice President may result in penalties.
    1. If the team is behind $120.00, Captain will be given notice that team is in arrears, and that the money is due to be handed in.
    2. If the team is behind $180.00, the team will be notified that money has not been handed in from the Captain, and that there is this amount owing.
    3. If the team is behind $240.00, the captain will be removed from the team captain, and possibly from league at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Playing Rules:

The object of 8-ball is that one player must pocket the solid coloured balls, while the other player must pocket the striped balls. The first player to pocket all of the balls in their group then legally pocket the 8 ball wins the game.

The Break:

  1. On the opening break, the player must place the cue ball behind the head string.
  2. To be a legal break, the shooter must either pocket an object ball, or drive at least 4 object balls off the rail. If not, the shooter re-racks and breaks.
  3. If the player pockets an object ball and has not committed a cue ball foul (scratching or sending the cue ball off the table), they may continue shooting.
  4. If the 8 ball is sunk off the break, is the only ball to go down, and there is no cue ball foul, then re-rack and the same shooter breaks again. Their team gets one bonus point. Please make sure to write this down on both score sheets, with the players name, and report it to the webmaster when you give your scores.
  5. If the 8 ball and any object ball go down together, or there is a cue ball foul, there is an immediate re-rack and the other player breaks.
  6. During the break or any other time in the game, if any ball flies off of the table, it should be returned to the table and placed on the head spot with the exception of the 8 ball.

Scratch (POCKETED cue ball, or cue ball that goes off table):

  1. If the cue ball is pocketed, or flies off of the table during a shot it is considered a scratch. When a scratch occurs on the break, the opposing player shoots the cue ball from behind the head string, down table same as the break.
  2. Any scratch other than on the break results in ball in hand. The opposing player may put the cue ball wherever they wish on the table, and can be shot in any direction.
  3. Please note, this is 8-ball, not 9-ball. The only time there is ball in hand, is when the cue ball ends up either in the pocket, or knocked off the table.

The Choice of Group:

  1. The choice of group is determined by the first called ball to be pocketed. When you call a ball, you do so by identifying the ball and the pocket the ball is going to end up in.
  2. For a shot to be legal, the first ball that your cue ball makes contact with must be the same group as your object ball, anything in between those two balls is fine. For instance, you could shoot the combination of 4, 12 and the 3 ball you called, that would be a legal shot, you cannot shoot the combination of the 12, 4 and 3.
  3. If you foul on the cue ball, you lose your shot, if the 8 ball drops in out of turn, as a result of your shot, you lose the game.
  4. If you miss your object ball, and it is not the 8 ball, then your opponent shoots. This is not ball in hand and the player shoots from where the cue ball was left
  5. Ball in hand only occurs if you sewer, or the cue ball leaves the table.

Loss of Game:

  1. The most common way to lose is pocketing the 8 ball out of turn.
  2. If the 8 ball flies off the table, you lose
  3. Pocketing the 8 ball in any other pocket than the one you called is loss of game.
  4. The shooter may not pocket his last object ball, and the 8 ball in the same shot, this is loss of game.
  5. 8 ball must be pocketed by a legal shot.
  6. If any ball is pocketed by a player by hand, it is in concession of the game, a loss will be incurred, plus a 1 point penalty will be levied against the players’ team for interference.

Shooting the 8 Ball:

  1. If you have shot your last object ball, and have hooked yourself, so you cannot see both sides of the 8 ball, you must make contact with the 8 ball first, you cannot hit your opponents ball first or you lose.
  2. If your opponent leaves you a shot at the 8 ball, however hooks you, you may do one of the two of the following things:
    1. You can call just a shot, in which case you do not have to hit the 8 ball. If you do hit the 8 that is fine, however if you sink it, sewer, or scratch, you lose.
    2. Or you can call the shot, ie: 8 ball in the corner pocket. However if you call the shot and do not make contact with the 8, you lose.
  3. The 8 ball must go in clean, no contact with any other ball, double kiss, or one of your opponents balls. Clean definition: No contact with any other ball on the table, including double kissing. You may make contact with the rails, or the horn. The 8 ball must go in the called pocket.


If after 2 consecutive turns at the table by each player, 4 turns total, both players agree that attempting to pocket or move an object ball will result in immediate loss of game, the balls will be re-racked with the original breaker of the stalemated game breaking again. The stalemate rule may be applied regardless of the number of balls that are left on the table.

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