Excess use of Raxx tables

We received a call from Raxx management stating we are taking up to many tables and they are losing business from it. Effective November 29th tables will have designation on them for our league. We are not to use any other tables other then the ones that are designated. Each team will have one table to use. Signs will be put on all the league tables being used. If you are behind in games after the third set you may ask for an additional table. Raxx has been allowing us to use their tables for free and if it keeps up then they could take all the tables away from us. Please show respect to the bar and abide by the rule.

Rule update

As it was previously stated that no new games were to start after 10pm.
The change to that rule is that only applies to Raxx. Every other bar is still going by the no new games after 10:45pm.

First week’s games

I have had a lot of people ask about the standings and about the first week.
What we had decided due to do to make it fair to everyone was due to us finding our Raxx closing early on the first night we decided to write the first night off. That is why everyone has at least 1 tie. We put the score down as 0-0.

Sending Scores and Cancelling games

Hey everyone,

For all team captains, all scores must be sent in via the website or through facebook.
If you have Shawn’s phone number you can also text him or message him through facebook.
With Jackie being away she is not going to be messaging all captains that don’t submit scores.

If you are new to the league and aren’t sure how to submit the scores, please ask someone.

ALL TEAMS must submit their scores.
With the executive doing this on the side we do not have time to chase every captain to get the scores.

If a night has to be cancelled both captains MUST submit it via the website or contact Shawn.
If you do not let us know you will not get the points for that nights game and still be required to pay the $30 for the night.

Jackie Boudreau stepping away

Our president will be stepping away from her role as president of the league and as captain of her team due to a death in the family. At this time she is asking for privacy. For all scores you can send them via email through the website. If you need to contact anyone please go through the website or Facebook page.

Updates for the league

Just wanted to give a few updates on the league.

With COVID still being around if you are not feeling good please let your captain know and do not come to pool. If multiple people end up sick on a team with COVID or anything please contact the other captain to cancel the game. When this happens it will end up a tie for both teams as it is to hard to make up a game. Everyone needs to understand that we are here for fun and if people are sick or have COVID we are trying to protect other people by cancelling games. If people have an issue with a game getting cancelled then maybe this league is not for them.

If a game gets cancelled please let us know by contacting us through the website so we can put the teams down as a tie.

With COVID cases on the rise the following suggestions are being made:

  1. Although not mandated if you are concerned you can wear a mask to game nights.
  2. Have your own personal bottle of hand sanitizer.
  3. No shaking of hands (Which we have stated previously as a new rule)
  4. If you are not feeling good (i.e: any symptoms associated with COVID) to stay home and let your captain know.

Also starting today if there are any issues where you need to contact the executive then you need to start by contacting us through the website. If you message a member of the executive directly it will be ignored. Every email that comes in with a concern or issue will be directed to the proper people. The executive is doing the best that we can and people always messaging us directly makes it difficult and sometimes makes things worse.

Common courtesies for all players

This post is for all captains and players of the league.

Please show up early so you can have your sheets ready for the other team.
If the other team is there early and you get your sheets done early then you could start playing games early which means you are done earlier.
Make sure you keep track of your players, if a player is up soon make sure they are near your area and not smoking. If they need to smoke they can go out after their game.

We are playing in various bars in the city and we are not being charged to use their tables.
With that being said please support the bars by buying something, even if it’s a pop or a alcoholic drink as it only helps the bars. All the bars could charge us to play pool there which would cost a lot more then buying a drink.
No outside drinks allowed in any bars.
If you are up soon to play please do not go outside for a smoke, the captains then have to try and find you and it wastes more time. Especially at Raxx where we are on a time constraint. If you need a smoke go out after your game.

We are a fun league and all the bars allow us to play for free there, so please just show the bars some respect and decency.

Season is back on

After further discussions we have rectified the issues and the season is now back on.
The only change now is that no new games will be started after 10pm.
So please make sure you show up early, so you can also start early.
If you are behind in games, you can request another table from Raxx.


Please be advised that there will be no bye week now.
We do have 18 teams. A new schedule we be handed out.

Also when the schedule is made we try out best to make it fair for everyone, but there are times where some teams are home more then others.
Just be happy that we are getting to play pool this year.


Teams must be confirmed by August 15th.

Good afternoon,

All captains must send in that they are coming back this year by August 15th with their team name.
If it is not confirmed by the 15th we will assume you are not coming back.
We need all teams to be confirmed by the 15th so we can start the schedule and have it ready for the first week of play in September.