Players asking question during game

There has been no rule changes period. In particular pertaining to coaching of players during a game.
The rule states under Courtesy Rules:

Players may ask a team member for advice only ONCE per game.

So that means the player must ask someone for help, it doesn’t mean someone can start telling the person what to do.
If there are any issues please text someone from the executive or email in. If you see someone from the executive is not currently playing you may ask them as well.

Rule Changes and Captains Meeting

Hi Everyone

We hope this email finds you safe and well. Thank you for the great start to the year. Recently we have been approached about some potential rule changes. We want to thank the individuals who brought those forward for consideration. However, as we are already well into the season, we will not be making any rule changes that will affect this year. It was also brought to our attention that some players believe there is a captains ‘ meeting scheduled for December. While we appreciate your enthusiasm, we do not have any such meeting scheduled at this time. As we move forward through the year, we encourage you to keep track of ideas and changes you would like to make. Elections for the executive are coming up in the spring and that would be a great time to consider and implement change.

Thank you for your time.

Kingston 8 Ball Executive


UPDATE: We are still playing but if your team has at least 5 players you can still play you will.just lose 6 points. If you don’t have a female and have 5 players you can still play and will only lose 5 points. If you have less then 5 and cant come up with a compromise with the other captain then it’s a forfeit for your team that night.

We have had a few people ask about Halloween. The league is still running on Halloween.
Unfortunately with a limited amount of time to get the season in we have to play that night.
If your team can’t field a team that night then you will need to talk to the team you are playing to see if you can setup another night that would work.
If you are not able to setup another night then your team will have to forfeit.

Top portion of Pool Cue

At the end of season tournament “Bone’s” top portion of his cue was possibly picked up by someone else as he has to top portion that belongs to someone else. He plays with a 12.5 pool tip and the cue he picked up accidentally has a snooker tip. He would easily recognize his cue as it has a large rounded tip and there is also an engraving on it that reads “Phil Miley” the person he bought the cue from. He would like to regain his cue as I am sure you would prefer to have yours back also. Please check your cue and if you notice it is different than you recognize please email into the website so we can make sure both get swapped back to the original owners.