Upcoming Season

Good morning everyone,


The executive discussed the upcoming season and unfortunately we have decided to delaying the opening of pool season to an undetermined date.
Almost all the venues are in a highly unstable flux right now and alot of the players are fearful .
We will keep a close eye on information when it becomes available and call a meeting when feasible.
If anyone has any information or concerns they should contact the executive.
We hope you and your families stay safe during this crisis.


The Executive

Possible new season

Good afternoon everyone,


We are writing this to see what teams are interested in coming back this year.
At this time we are just seeing what teams are coming back as there is still a lot of questions.
The biggest one is will all the bars open up and will they allow the leagues in.

Once we have more info we will pass it along but for now please email in if your team is coming back and the team numbers.


Kingston 8 Ball Executive

Captains Meeting Cancelled

The captains meeting this Thursday is cancelled. We will discuss about having a meeting at another date. We will provide an update on when we may have it at a later time.

COVID-19 Update 2

The executive care about the health and safety of all players at all bars in town.  After much deliberation we are cancelling the remainder of the 2019 – 2020 season and playoffs.

The captain’s meeting is still taking place on Thursday at the Collins Bay Legion at 7pm.  If any players have any questions please pass it along to your captain and it will be brought up there.

All teams must be paid up until March 10th before the meeting on Thursday.

Once again this was a very tough decision and we didnt make the decision very lightly.

If you have any other questions feel free to email in or bring it up to your captain.



Kingston 8-Ball Executive Continue reading “COVID-19 Update 2”

COVID-19 Update

To all Captains,

We are doing our upmost to keep up to date on all events and closures due to COVID-19. This is an unprecedented occurence and we are not able to predict the duration or outcome.

The Captains need to discuss with their own team on March 17th to determine what direction the league wants to go.

The options are:

  1. Continue the league as scheduled.
  2. Ending the season effective March 17th

The first priority at meeting on March 19th will be determine the result of vote .
All captains or representatives will be required to attend .
The health and safety of all members is our priority



Kingston 8-ball Executive


The executive has been in close contact  in regards to the outbreak of COVID-19 and at this time the league is staying open as we are playing in venues that don’t have a lot of people in them on Tuesday nights. If that does change we will notify everyone by the website/Facebook page.

If you know someone that has travelled recently or you have travelled recently we suggest staying home as a precaution.

If you are not feeling well we suggest staying home as well as a precaution.

For everyone else please take precautions when visiting any venue.  Make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap.  Also when available please make sure to use hand sanitizer as well.



Kingston 8-Ball Executive



Just so there is no confusion with the schedule.
The way it is setup is the second team is the home team.
So for instance next week at the Legion it shows Full Pockets vs Chalk and Aww.
Chalk and Aww is the second team which means they are home team.
If there are any issues please send a message through the website.

New season info

I know we are starting off a bit late, but the new season is upon us.
All teams must be registered with us by August 25th.
If teams have not contacted us by the 25th we will assume they are not coming back.
The season will begin on September 10th with out opening season tournament.
More details to follow.