The season is coming to an end and wanted to give an update for everyone.
1. There will be a captains meeting on March 7th at the Collins Bay Legion from 7 to 8pm.
*All Captains are required to be there*

2. All money is due BY the Captains meeting on March 7th.
*Note: Remember for January 9th, teams are not required to pay for that night as it was cancelled*

3. There will be nominations for next years Executive. If you know of anybody that would be interested in joining the Executive, just make sure that person is aware and has to be there. The way the nominations work is someone has to nominate a person. Please bring their name (and the person) to the Year End Tournament.

4. Playoffs begin March 12th. We will try and get the schedule out ASAP, but it may come down to the last week for all three divisions. We will try and get the first week done and posted on the website and Facebook page.

5. There will be a suggestion box at the Captains Meeting. So if any player has any suggestions please give them to your Captain and we will look at them at the Captains Meeting.

6. At the Year End Tournament we will be announcing all of the donations we have made this past year. If anybody has any suggestions for potential donations we could make please bring them forward to the Captains Meeting and/or the Year End Tournament.


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