Author: Shawn Fournier

A few notes and a thanks

Hey everyone.

Just wanted to say thanks for a fun year and a fun year end tournament. I heard back from the Food Bank and we donated a total of $305 dollars and they haven’t picked up the bin. The last time they saw the bin it was almost full on Saturday. That is over 120lbs of food. I’d like to say Thank you to all that donated as there are many families and individuals in need and that will help them greatly.
As it was mentioned at the Year End Tournament, any rule changes or nominations you want to make can be submitted through the website and they will be brought up to the league meeting in August.
All teams returning or new must be submitted with confirmation by August 1st.

Lastly I’d like to post a note that Jackie had sent in through the website.
I want to thank Sarah and Shawn Fournier for going above and beyond to make our end of the year tournament a success, Lisa Holler for being our league Shopper and seeking donation basket .Sarah and Shannon Godfrey for donation for raffle .Rob for his help in communication .The many others who offered their assistance You are amazing .With the unexpected death of our beloved president Bill Watson this event could have not happened without a lot of help .Thank you all so much . Moving forward we will need an executive with heart and soul so think what is best for league .Have a safe and happy summer.
Jackie Boudreau

Year End Tournament

Good afternoon everyone.

The season is almost done for us. The year end tournament is this coming Saturday.

Doors will open up at 12pm and registration will start at 12:15.

There will be a bin from the Food Bank and we are accepting non perishable items.
We will also have a bin from the Food Bank where you can put money in and the bins will have a QR Code on them where you can send money from your phone as well.
There will also be a donation bin for the Accessible Playground in memory of Bill Watson.

Please make sure your players are there on time as when we announce registration is closing we will not accept anymore players.
Cost will be $5 a person and they will be Scotch Doubles Blind Draw.
Also when you register, you will need to give your first and last name.
If you are registering for someone else they need to be right beside you.
If they are not beside you then we do not register them.

Registration will close around 1pm depending on numbers.
After that we will hold the Trophy Presentations, and team money followed by the door prizes.
Only the Captain is able to pick up the money for each team.
If the team Captain cannot be there we need the Captain to reach out to us and give us authorization to give the money to a specific person. If we do not receive that and the Captain is not there they will not get their money that day. We will meet up with the Captain at a later date.
All teams will get $600 to split between how ever many players you have on your team.
Once the money leaves our hands, we are not responsible on what the captain does.
If there are teams that are still owing money it will be deducted from the amount that you would get at the end of the season.

Once door prizes are done we will then go into Nominations where we will hand out paper to everyone and they can fill out who they nominate. Remember if you nominate someone you need to make sure they are aware and want to run.
The elections will be run in August.
After that we will go over any Rule Changes that people would like to bring up.

Once we go over the Rule Changes we will be making the teams and assigning people to run each section.

Also there will be a 50/50 draw going on as well as a Booze Draw.
There will be a picture of the booze going around with tickets as well to see what can be won.

The cost of tickets for the 50/50 and Booze Draw are:

3 for $5.00
10 for $10.00
25 for $20.00

Money due by last night of pool

All money is due by the last night of pool.

Jackie will be at Raxx to collect payments and will also take e-transfers as well.
Overtime teams must pay Rob.
Bob Varette can also take cash payments.

If money is not in by the end of the last night the money that is missing will be taken out of the team money they get at the year end tournament.


I am posting this as I have had a few people ask about this.

The standings are correct.

The playoffs were based off of the final regular season standings from March 5th.

The only standings you should be looking at is the Playoff standings.

RIP Bill Watson

It is with great sadness that we are writing that we tragically lost our President/Friend/Captain this past week.

We would like to offer condolences to his family, his teammate Angie’s Angel as well as anyone that personally knew him.
Bill has been around the league for over 40 years.
He was originally out of the Portsmouth Tavern with his wife and after she passed away he changed his name to Angie’s Angels.

If it wasn’t for Bill, Angie and Jackie this league wouldn’t be around today. They took over the league when it folded.
When further dates are received as to service or Celebration of life, it will be posted here and Facebook. The league will be making a donation to the Children’s Accessible Playground in Bills memory. Any league members who care to privately add to donation they can e-transfer to Jackie or give to Captains to rely .
No further information is available at this time.

Year End Tournament

Since the season is almost coming to an end.
Remember the year end tournament is going to be on April 20th.

Registration opens just after 12pm

We will be handing out the money, trophies, door prizes, nominations and any questions or suggestions people have.

The tournament will follow after all that is done.

There will be a Booze Draw. (1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes)
Also there will be a 50/50 draw as well.

We will also have a bin for non perishable food items for the Foodbank.
Please make sure to bring items to donate or money if you prefer.


The season is coming to an end and wanted to give an update for everyone.
1. There will be a captains meeting on March 7th at the Collins Bay Legion from 7 to 8pm.
*All Captains are required to be there*

2. All money is due BY the Captains meeting on March 7th.
*Note: Remember for January 9th, teams are not required to pay for that night as it was cancelled*

3. There will be nominations for next years Executive. If you know of anybody that would be interested in joining the Executive, just make sure that person is aware and has to be there. The way the nominations work is someone has to nominate a person. Please bring their name (and the person) to the Year End Tournament.

4. Playoffs begin March 12th. We will try and get the schedule out ASAP, but it may come down to the last week for all three divisions. We will try and get the first week done and posted on the website and Facebook page.

5. There will be a suggestion box at the Captains Meeting. So if any player has any suggestions please give them to your Captain and we will look at them at the Captains Meeting.

6. At the Year End Tournament we will be announcing all of the donations we have made this past year. If anybody has any suggestions for potential donations we could make please bring them forward to the Captains Meeting and/or the Year End Tournament.